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About Us

We are fully Licensed & Insured.
No party is too big or small!
We do our best to match competitor quotes.
We know your guests are our future business!
Our focus is on quality, not quantity.
We invest in professional equipment & attractive displays to make your party look its best!
We don’t work from a rolodex! We own our equipment so we offer better prices.
We can provide entertainment services just for the cocktail hour or for the entire event.
We constantly search for exciting new options to give your party the latest and greatest!
We are located in South Florida and have been in the Bar /Bat Mitzvah and Special Events Business for over 20 years. We can travel outside of south florida, but there may be a travel fee charged, esp for smaller packages. We can travel to Naples, Orlando, Tampa, and beyond, but the further the location the larger the package required to book us to offset any travel expenses. For example, we would not travel to orlando or tampa for a cotton candy machine or a prize wheel rental b/c it isn’t worth it for us or you.
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Did You Know?


If a company wont spend a lot of time with you on the phone BEFORE you book them, then expect them to spend less time with you AFTER you book them. These companies focus more on quantity than quality.

One-Stop shopping is a quick fix, but convenience shouldn’t supercede quality! Don’t hope for the best…do your homework and you’ll get a better party! Many clients call us for their 2nd parties telling us they wished they followed this one!

Some Caterer’s and Event Planners recommend companies solely b/c of a personal or financial relationship with that company so the next time someone says “they’re the best,” do a little homework and decide for yourself. Educated consumers are our best customers!

Some of our competitors hire us!

If a company has recommendation letters from happy customers on their website contact a few of them and make sure they are real! It is common practice for companies to put one-liners like, “They were fantastic-The Stein Family.” Assume these types of referrals are fake unless the company will provide an email or phone number along with the person’s name. ALWAYS CHECK REFERRALS.

Get everything in writing! The Special Events industry is not a regulated industry overseen by any governmental agencies so you need to protect yourself. For example, a company can show you a picture of an arcade quality Air Hockey Table with a great price, but if they set up a 3′ Air Hockey Table from “Toys R Us” there is nothing you can do about it if your contract just lists an “Air Hockey Table”. Click Here For Examples. If in doubt, make them include the make & model number in your contract, and have them guarantee it in writing or your money back.

If a company offers a particular service verify they own the equipment by asking some detailed questions to confirm they know what they’re talking about. For Example, if you call a DJ company and they offer Photo Favors then you should be able to ask that sales person detailed questions like, “What type of printer do you use?” and “How fast does that printer produce 4x6 photos?” If the person answering the phone doesn’t know the answers to those types of questions then your talking to the wrong person…and the wrong company.

Higher Prices doesn’t mean Higher Quality! Many companies just hire other companies and add on an additional profit for themselves. Why not hire us directly? Give us a call and we’ll help make sure you are paying a fair price even if your not hiring us!

Most DJ Companies that offer novelty services work from a Rolodex and stamp their name on many of their options. (Along with a higher price and an inconsistent product!) Don’t expect them to Admit it! Do your homework!

Make sure your quote is the final price and there are no hidden fees. Common hidden fees are: Delivery, Set Up, Strike (Break Equipment Down), Early Set Up or Early Strike, Travel Charge, Attendant, Fuel Charge, Labor, Mileage, or Hotel Room. Get everything in writing!

How Do You Compare To The Competition?


Our quality & selection is unrivaled and we are competitively priced! We use the best commercial-grade equipment available in our industry. No one has better equipment than us…no one! Our passion is our profession and our quality and selection proves this! Call us and we’ll prove it! We want to WOW your guests! It’s a lot of work to put together the quality and selection we offer, but we think your party is worth it! If you see another company with similar games they most likely copied us! We are in this business to be the best, not just to make a profit! We focus on the product before the profit!

We use the same computer software you see vendors using at Disney World versus the cheap $99. green screen programs most companies use.

We own real Arcade games, not the “home-version” knock offs.